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Sweet potato, a long road

Sweet potatoes are most commonly found in North and South America or on the African and Asian continent. You don’t have to guess this product has a fairly large ecological footprint. As we focus on the local and Belgian aspect with regard to all of our other products and services – certainly during the storage season –, we wanted to bring the sweet potato closer to home too.

Our turn

In 2016, under the impulse of a Spanish potato supplier, we went there on a viewing visit. Shortly after, we started ourselves. The first year we succeeded at selling all the sweet potatoes. That same year the Provinciaal Proefcentrum voor de Groenteteelt (PCG) Oost-Vlaanderen showed interest in our project too. It united multiple players in the cultivation business: farmers, packers, machine builders, buyers … worked together to synchronize the chain. They also installed trial plots and tested cultivars, contamination and storage.
At this moment we cultivate 15 ha of sweet potatoes every year. Furthermore, several other companies in the region also cultivate sweet potatoes for us. In 2019 we added the organic production of sweet potatoes. 

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