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In the press: "The short chain only has advantages."

This quote comes from the mouth of Seppe Nobels. Not just a voice. No, a convincing opinion of a star chef. And who are we to contradict it? In fact, the potato farm wants to endorse that vision.
"As a company, we strongly believe in innovation and quality," says manager Bart.

In a nutshell

"There is two necessary conditions if you embark on the path of the short chain."

The potato farm thinks that the Belgian deserves fresh and tasty home-grown potatoes. That is why it started a project to grow high-quality potatoes itself, so that imports could be reduced.

And there is more. The company brings together retail and a number of farmers each year for transparent negotiations and correct prices. In this way the consumer gets an even better end result. "And we can be quite proud of that," manager Bart concludes.

De Morgen (a Belgian newspaper) covered four interesting companies in its appendix 'Planet Future: from ground to mouth'. Read the full article here.

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