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Ergonomics and automation hand in hand on the shop floor

Organizing an ergonomic workplace is becoming increasingly important. In a business context where 30 million kilograms of potatoes pass through the hands of our employees every year, it is necessary to pay attention to this.

The automation wave already started in 2018-2019. We implemented five fully automated packaging lines. This spring, the last line in our production area was finished. In this way, we try to make it as comfortable as possible for our employees. Carrying and torsional loads are kept to a minimum and it also contributes to the further retraining of our line operators who can now focus more on machine management, setting up the robots, etc. 

Want to catch a glimpse of the automation? Check out the video Viscon made in our production below.

De aardappelhoeve Tielt - project by Viscon

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